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PIQRAY® (alpelisib) tablets

Know more about HR+, HER2- mBC and PIQRAY

PIQRAY is here for you along this journey with information on everything from PIK3CA mutation testing to dosing instructions. Explore a variety of video content below to help answer any questions you may have and watch them all for a better understanding of PIK3CA mutations in HR+, HER2- mBC, PIQRAY, and more.

Why testing for the PIK3CA mutation is important

If you're diagnosed with HR+, HER2- metastatic breast cancer, it's important to know your PIK3CA mutation status and what it means for your cancer. Watch the video below to find out more.


Understanding PIK3CA mutations and PIQRAY

What do PIK3CA mutations have to do with metastatic breast cancer (mBC)? Understanding the link between the two could lead to a targeted treatment option. Watch the video to learn about PIK3CA mutations and PIQRAY.


Connecting with your doctor

Having an open dialogue with your doctor and maintaining a solid relationship can help ensure you're getting the care you need during your treatment journey. Watch the video to find out more about this important relationship.


Taking PIQRAY: Dosing and Packaging

Feel confident you're taking medication correctly. Watch the video below for instructions on dosing and how to use the PIQRAY blister pack.


How to manage side effects

Because rash, diarrhea, and hyperglycemia can be serious yet common side effects of taking PIQRAY, it's important to understand how to manage these conditions so you can be ready. Watch the video below for helpful tips and information.