Talking With Your Doctor About PIQRAY

Getting the care you need starts with a good doctor-patient relationship

Be your best own advocate

To ensure you're getting the right quality care for your specific situation, it's important to take an active role in your treatment decisions with your health care team. The more comfortably and confidently you can talk with your doctor, the better your ability to create a treatment plan that may work for you. Explore a number of resources to help you strengthen this relationship.

Connecting with your doctor

Having an open dialogue with your doctor and maintaining a solid relationship can help ensure you're getting the care you need during your treatment journey. Watch the video to find out more about this important relationship.

Tips for talking to your doctor

Appointments with your doctor are your time to ask questions and provide feedback. However, it's easy to be overwhelmed with information or forget important topics you want to cover. The guide below can help.