How PIQRAY Works

PIQRAY® (alpelisib) tablets + fulvestrant

How does PIQRAY work: the science behind PIQRAY

PIQRAY targets the effects of proteins made by an abnormal (or mutated) PIK3CA gene, which are linked to cancer growth. Watch the video below to learn more about how PIQRAY works.


PIQRAY affects cancer cells, but can also affect healthy cells. Although PIQRAY has been studied in people with HR+, HER2- mBC, how PIQRAY works has only been demonstrated in laboratory studies.

How PIQRAY Works

Testing for PIK3CA mutations

To make sure PIQRAY is right for you, your doctor will test your cancer for an abnormal PIK3CA gene. PIK3CA mutations are sporadic, meaning they occur at random and aren’t passed down from parent to child. PIK3CA mutations can only be detected through a specific genomic test ordered by your doctor, so even if you’ve had genetic testing done before, ask about getting tested specifically for a PIK3CA mutation. Learn more about PIK3CA mutations and testing.