How PIQRAY May Help

PIQRAY® (alpelisib) tablets + fulvestrant

How Can PIQRAY Help?

PIK3CA mutations have been linked to cancer growth. But together, PIQRAY and fulvestrant can help slow the progression of HR+, HER2- mBC with a PIK3CA mutation.


PIQRAY was studied in a clinical trial that included 572 postmenopausal women, or men, with HR+, HER2- mBC who had progressed on or after an aromatase inhibitor (a hormone therapy). Of the 341 people who tested positive for the PIK3CA mutation, 169 took PIQRAY + fulvestrant, while 172 took fulvestrant alone.


Live Longer Without Disease Progression

People who tested positive for a PIK3CA mutation and took PIQRAY + fulvestrant lived progression-free for almost twice as long as those who took fulvestrant alone. 

Shrinks Tumors

Additional results of the trial showed that PIQRAY and fulvestrant worked together to shrink tumors in people with a PIK3CA mutation who had tumors large enough to measure. Of the 262 people with measurable disease, 126 took PIQRAY + fulvestrant and 136 took fulvestrant alone.