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HR+, HER2- Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms

Metastatic breast cancer symptoms

Symptoms of breast cancer may be detected through a self-exam. The markers at the early stage are lumps in the breast or changes in the appearance. However, as cancer advances and metastasizes, it can become harder to detect. If you experience any signs or symptoms of metastatic breast cancer, it's important to contact your doctor immediately. In HR+, HER2- metastatic breast cancer, the most common mutation is a PIK3CA mutation, which has been linked to cancer growth.

Where to look for symptoms of metastatic breast cancer

When cancer spreads, there are key areas to look for symptoms. Where the cancer spreads will determine the symptoms patients may experience. Here are some common areas where breast cancer can spread. 


Bones Bones


Liver Liver

Lungs Lungs

If you've recently been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, it's important that your doctor test for an abnormal PIK3CA gene, as knowing whether or not you have this mutation can help inform your treatment.